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Webmail Settings

  1. Log into check email.
  2. Click the 'Settings' tab on the top right. 
    Account Name - Is your email account login name
    Quota - This is how much space you've used
    Real Name - The name that will appear on outgoing emails
    Reply To - A Reply To field allows you to specify a different reply email address to your normal login. Responses to your emails sent with a Reply To address defined will be delivered to that address.
    Thread Support - Toggle to display email messages as threads, if supported by server.
    Thread Limit - Determines how old emails can be before they are not included in threads.
    Save sent emails to current folder - Enable to save sent emails to the current folder. This allows more complete thread building and tracking.
    Display Email Images - Toggle to automatically display external images in email messages.
    Automatic Draft Save - Save drafts automatically while composing email messages.
    Notifications - Enable automatic checking for new email in the currently selected folder. Optionally enable sound notification and/or animated favicon for new messages on supported browsers.
    Delete Trash on Logout - Automatically delete all mail from the Trash folder upon logout. (if you do not select this option the trash folder is emptied every 7 days)
    Default View - Select the mode to render the Webmail interface.
    Enable message preview - Display an inline preview of each email message.
    Interface Language - Select the Language to render the Webmail interface.
    Date Display - Select the display format for date received.
    Messages per page - Select the number of email messages to display per page.
    Timezone - Specify your timezone for date calculation in the Web-interface.
  3. Click here for Email Signature
  4. Click the 'Save Settings' button in the top right corner.

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