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Copy Text from Notepad to the Page Editor

  1. Log into iControl and edit a page you want to add content to.
  2. Open Notepad on your computer.

    Notepad is typically located in your 'Accessories' folder on your computer in your Start Menu. On Apple computers, you will want to open TextEdit.
  3. Paste the text that you want on your website into Notepad/TextEdit.
  4. Copy the text from Notepad/TextEdit.
  5. Paste the copied text into the page editor.
  6. Save your page when you have finished adding or editing content.

This process is known as "cleaning" your text. When you copy text from Microsoft Word or another website, you are also copying the code used to format and style it.

If you copy from Word and paste into the page editor without cleaning the text, most of the formatting options in the page editor will not work as intended because the Microsoft Office code (also known as MSO) is conflicting with the formatting the iControl is trying to apply.

Similarly, when you copy from other websites, which is considered plagiarism, you are also copying their styling as well as code for content that may not be compatible with your website. To avoid this problem, we recommend not copying content from other websites; if you want to share information that someone else has written, create a link to the website and explain in your own words why you find this content valuable.

Copy and Paste from Outside Source Video

THIS ---->https://supportimatrixcom.imatrixbase.com/website/page-editor/copy-text-from-notepad-to-the-page-editor.html

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