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Format Text

  1. Log into iControl and edit a page you want to add content to.
  2. Highlight the text that you want to format. 
  3. There are several different ways to format your text in the page editor of the iControl. Read the list below for an overview of formatting options. Do one or more of the following to format your highlighted text:
    1. Select an option in the 'Format' dropdown. Use this section to designate headings in your content to separate regular content from the title of a section or page. The headings are separated by size and levels of importance starting with 'Heading 1' as the largest and most important, and 'Heading 6' being the smallest and least important - but still more important than regular text in a paragraph.
    2. Select an option in the 'Font' dropdown to override the default font on your website. Fonts are predetermined and you do not need to apply a font to make your content match the website. The page editor will display Times New Roman but it will match all other content when you view it on the website. 
    3. Select an option in the 'Size' dropdown to override the default size on your website. Use this section to change the size of specific text that you want to call attention to.
    4. Click the 'Bold' icon bold.png to bold your selected text.
    5. Click the 'Italic' icon italic.png to italicize your selected text.
    6. Click the 'Underline' icon underline.png to underline your selected text.
    7. Click the 'Strikethrough' icon strikethrough.png to strikethrough your selected text.
    8. Click the 'Font Color' icon font_color.png to apply a color to your text. Font color is predetermined by the skin of your website. For example, if your website is using skin 04B, which has a blue background, your font color will automatically be white. 
    9. Click the 'Background Color'
      icon highlight_color.png to apply a background color to your selected text.
    10. Click the 'Subscript' icon sub_script.png to minimize and lower your selected text. Subscript is used in equations and formulas (ie: C6H12O6).
    11. Click the 'Superscript' icon super_script.png to minimize and raise your selected text. Superscript is used for exponents, trademark and copyright symbols, and suffixes (ie: example©, 2nd, 4th). 
    12. Save your page when you have finished adding or editing content.

  Format Text Video

THIS ---->https://supportimatrixcom.imatrixbase.com/website/page-editor/format-text.html

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