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Add Product

  1. Log into the iControl.
  2. Click on the 'My Store' tab, the second to last tab the top of the iControl. You will automatically be redirected to the 'Orders' screen. If you do not see a 'My Store' tab, please contact the support team to learn more about activating the iStore on your website.
  3. Click 'Store'. 
  4. Hover over the down arrow to the right of one of your categories and click 'Edit'.
  5. Hover over the 'I Want To' menu located on the far right of the iControl. 
  6. Click 'Add Product'.
  7. Type the name, price, and shipping in the available fields. 
  8. Click 'Choose File' to attach an image of the product. 
  9. Type within the 'Description' field to describe or explain the product or service. 
  10. Type within the 'Contract Agreement Text' to list terms, conditions and disclaimers related the product or service you are adding to your store. All terms and conditions for each product purchased will be included on the bottom of the checkout screen.
  11. Check each box under 'Product Configuration' to enable the following features.
    1. 'This product is for 'Shop in My Store' only' will remove the product from the store on the website and it will only be purchasable from within the iControl in the 'Shop in My Store' section. All products are listed in both the store on the website and in the 'My Store' section by default.
    2. 'This product is available to purchase in the store' will allow your product to be purchased in the store. If this and the above option are not checked, the product will not be purchasable at all.
    3. 'This product bills the customer on a recurring basis' will regularly charge the customer for the product or service. When this option is checked, the 'Product Billing Cycles' menu will appear. Select either or all options (Monthly, Weekly, or Yearly). Type the recurring price in the 'Cycle Price' field. 'Billing Admin Only' will hide the cycle from the store however it will still be purchasable through 'Shop in My Store' in the iControl. For example, if you wanted to list an annual pet wellness package in your store, you could still create a hidden monthly or weekly cycle that you could purchase on your client's behalf. 
  12. Click the 'Save' button in the lower left corner to add your new product to your store.

Add Product Video

THIS ---->https://supportimatrixcom.imatrixbase.com/website/updating-the-website/istore/add-product.html

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