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Create a Slideshow

  1. Log into the iControl.
  2. Click on the 'Website' tab located in the top left of the iControl.
  3. Click on 'Slideshow'. 
  4. Hover over the 'I Want to' menu. 
  5. Click 'Add New Slideshow'.
  6. Type the name of your slideshow in the 'Name' field. 
  7. Click the 'Choose' button to upload a file from your computer and add it to the slideshow. 
  8. Click the 'Add Slide' button to add another slide to your slideshow. 
  9. Type within the 'Link' field on the right of each slide in your slideshow to link the slide to a page of your website or another website. Please note that all linked website pages will load in the same browser window. We recommend using this feature to create links to other pages of your website. 
  10. Click and Hold the position button  to drag the slide to your desired position.  
  11. Use the following options on this page to customize your slideshow:
    • Transition Type: Click the 'Transition Type' drop down menu and select one of the available options: Fade, Slide Horizontal, Slide Vertical, Shrink/Grow, or None. The 'Transition Type' will determine what animation your slideshow will use when changing to a new slide. 
    • Interval: Click the 'Interval' drop down menu and select one of the available options: 3, 4, 5, or 6 seconds. The 'Interval' will determine how long each slide will be visible in your slideshow before changing to the next slide. 
    • Loop: Check the 'Loop' option to continuously cycle through all of the available slides in your slideshow. If the 'Loop' option is disabled, your slideshow will stop when it reaches the last slide.*
    • Display Slideshow Navigaton: Check the 'Display Slideshow Navigation' option to enable navigation controls on your slideshow. This will allow your user to jump to any slide in your slideshow, as well as use a 'Next' and 'Previous' button.*
    • Make Default: Check the 'Make Default' option to use the slideshow at the top of your website on every page. If the 'Make Default' option is not checked, you will be able to place your slideshow on any page or in any module on your website using the generated token. Please watch our tutorial for how to use slideshows on your website for more information. 
  • Click the 'Save button' on the bottom left to save your new slideshow. 

* If your slideshow only has one slide, make sure the 'Loop' or 'Navigation' options are disabled. A single slide default slideshow will function similarly to a static banner. 

When you have finished creating your slideshow, you will still need to assign it to a page.

Create a Slideshow Video

THIS ---->https://supportimatrixcom.imatrixbase.com/website/updating-the-website/slideshow/create-a-slideshow.html

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